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How to creating a Reverse Proxy middleware in ASP.NET core

This post is about creating a  Reverse Proxy middleware in ASP.NET Core..

We can accomplish this in thre

ASP.NET Core localization middleware with JSON resource files

http://ronaldwildenberg.com/asp-net-core-localization-with-json-resource-files/ I'm working on a ASP.NET Core RC1 pro

How the Localization middleware detecte and sets the culture in asp.net core

In ASP.NET Core, the Localization middleware can be used to ensure the correct culture settings are applied when serv

Log ASP.NET Core Request and Response Middleware in Asp .Net Core
In this blog I will create a middleware to log the request and response of an API
How to creating a Middleware order in ASP.NET Core 3.x

If the app calls UseStaticFiles, place UseStaticFiles before UseRouting.
If the app uses authentication/authoriz

How to creating a Error Handling Middleware in ASP.NET Core

This post is about creating  a  Error Handling  middleware in ASP.NET Core.



how to Write a file not found Middleware in asp .net core

Because I’m using Visual Studio, I can add middleware by using Add New Item and choosing the Middleware Class t

exception Handling Middleware in ASP.NET Core Web API

After many experiments with different exception handling approaches I ended up using middleware. It worked the best f

How to creating a XML Sitemap middleware in ASP.NET core

This post is about creating a XML Sitemap middleware in ASP.NET Core.

Sitemaps provide a way of informing sea

custom Static Content middleware in ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core Architecture
The architecture of ASP.NET Core allow us to be at any time, part of