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ASP.Net core actual record
.NET Core 两种GC模式:Server GC / Workstation GC设置
GC的一个有趣指标是“pause time”,这实际上意味着GC必须暂停运行时多长时间才能执行其工作。更长的暂停时间对延迟有直接的影响,而延迟是所有工作负载方式的关键指标。正如前面提到的,GC可能需要暂停线程为了得到一个一致的世界观,并确保它能安全地移动对象,但是如果一个线程正在执行C/c++代码在运行时,GC可能需要等到调用完成之前暂停的线程。因此,我们在托管代码而不是本机代码中做的工作越多,GC暂停时间就越好。
ASP.NET Core + Nginx 获取客户端的真实IP地址
ASP.NET Core + Nginx 获取客户端的真实IP地址
The X-Forwarded-* headers are set by proxies in asp .net core
Parameter count mismatch between X-Forwarded-For and X-Forwarded-Proto
ASP.NET Core 网站完整的缓存技术详解
ASP.NET Core 网站完整的缓存技术详解
Custom Distributed caching with ASP.NET Core and Couchbase
Distributed caching can help to improve performance of an ASP.NET Core application. This is especially true for an ASP.N
How to write a CustomRequestCultureProvider in asp .Net Core

we able to detect language by providers already exists. To use them just add the providers to RequestCultureProv

ASP.NET Core localization middleware with sql localization


Localization Setup

ASP.NET Core localization middleware with JSON resource files

http://ronaldwildenberg.com/asp-net-core-localization-with-json-resource-files/ I'm working on a ASP.NET Core RC1 pro

How the Localization middleware detecte and sets the culture in asp.net core

In ASP.NET Core, the Localization middleware can be used to ensure the correct culture settings are applied when serv