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NopCommerce 4.x-Profiling your nopCommerce website with MiniProfiler
In this article we will learn about profiling your nopCommerce website with MiniProfiler. Out of the box, nopCommerce comes with MiniProfiler integration. So, in order to start using it, all we need to do is configure it correctly from the administration section. This out of the box integration is quite handy for many developers to see what is causing delay in loading pages.
NopCommerce 3.x (6)-Register new routes in NopCommerce

ASP.NET Core routing is responsible for mapping incoming browser requests to particular MVC controller actions. 

NopCommerce 4.x - blog url
step 1: default route public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IWebHostEnvironment env) {
Ubuntu access publish/wwwroot' is denied



/Blog/edit/Access to the path '/Nop.Web/bin/release/netcoreapp3.0/publish/wwwroot/uploa

NopCommerce 4.x - @T
why is @T used in NopCommerce and what are its benefits / usage? It is used for localization. You can find same pattern
NopCommerce 4.x - Microdata
  step 1. Enable Microdata in Admin src/Libraries/Nop.Core/Domain/Seo/SeoSettings.cs using System.Collections.Ge
NopCommerce [email protected]
@Html.NopCssFiles(ResourceLocation.Footer) @Html.NopScripts(ResourceLocation.Footer) @Html.NopInlineScripts(Re
How to extend Html tag in NopCommerce 4.x(self)

create HtmlExtensions.cs 


add class Express

nopCommerce 4.x-Minifying Inline Css, Js and Html using WebMarkupMin in nopCommerce 4.x
CSS Bundling in nopCommerce 4.x
How to Override generic path route in NopCommerce 4.x
How to Override generic path route in NopCommerce 4.x