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MongoDb ObjectID JSON String Format in Asp .NET Core
MongoDb ObjectID JSON String Format in Asp .NET Core
MongoDb Enterprise Design with C# .NET, the Repository Pattern, and NoSQL
Introduction There is a growing change in the software development world around considering the choice of a NoSQL datab
Asp.Net Core Web Api文件上传(图片上传)集成MongoDB存储实例教程


[原创]Asp .Net Core Web Api+MongoDB实战项目系列目录
Asp .Net Core Web Api+MongoDB实战系列 目录
MongoDB C# Driver-Document
MongoDB stores data in JSON Documents. Actually, they are stored as Binary JSON (BSON) objects on disk
MongoDB C# Driver-Query by List,Cursor,linq 
  List Cursor linq using (var cursor = await col.Find(new BsonDocument()).ToCursorAsync()) { while (await cu
MongoDB C# Drive- lookup,GroupJoin,Projection
mongodb c#集合增加一个新字段、查找、删除某个值的记录、更改字段类型
新增字段 "ShippingAddress" : null, { "_id" : ObjectId("5f5c388909b35204ce080f12"), "Appid" : "", "AuthorOpenid" : ""
How to Query untyped object with the official MongoDB C# driver?