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ASP.NET Core-Publishing your app as self-contained(Publishing A Single EXE File In .NET 6.0 .NET 7.0 .NET 8.0 )
ASP.NET Core的三种部署方式
weixin.admin project blazor server .Net 8.x wjl
weixin.admin project wjl
开源项目网盘 - .NET8 构建的个人网盘Dorisoy.Pan
.NET8 开源网盘 - .NET 构建的个人网盘
how to Install .NET7.x .Net 8.x on Ubuntu 18.04*64 step by step?(aliyun)
This article discusses how to install .NET on Ubuntu 18.04; .NET 6 and .NET 7 are supported.
How to find *.so
How to Fix “cannot open shared object file” Error in Ubuntu linux 缺少动态连接库.so(cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)解决办法
how to install uninstall upgrade  .Net  sdk on window10
how to install sdk on window10
How to Install and uninstall reinstall upgrade .NET x on Ubuntu 20.04*64
Dotnet 命令大全