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How to creating a gzip Compression middleware in ASP.NET core
https://github.com/Taritsyn/WebMarkupMin/wiki/WebMarkupMin:-ASP.NET-5 - http://dotnetthoughts.net/enabling-gzip-co
SEO 2:Effect of tabs vs. spaces in HTML files
https://madskristensen.net/post/performance-of-tabs-vs-spaces-in-html-files Are you using tabs or spaces to indent your
SEO1:Effects of GZipping vs. minifying HTML files
Effect of tabs vs. spaces in HTML files
How to enable gzip compression in ASP.NET Core
http://www.talkingdotnet.com/how-to-enable-gzip-compression-in-asp-net-core/ ASP.NET Core 1.1 has an inbuilt middleware
Prevent IIS (and potentially other reverse proxies) from unexpectedly compressing ASP.NET Core response

My Server-Sent Events Middleware seems to be a mine of interesting issues. The latest one was abo

Extending ASP.NET Core Response Compression With Support for Brotli
https://dzone.com/articles/extending-aspnet-core-response-compression-with-su-1 The amount of transferred data matters.