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ASP.Net Core Web API Series:how to Return file

  If this is asp.net-core then you are mixing web api versions. have the action return a derived IActionRes

Web Api CQRS
Syntax Referrer-Policy: no-referrer Referrer-Policy: no-referrer-when-downgrade Referrer-Policy: origin Referrer-Pol
Web API Client: -HttpClient, call ASP.NET Core Web API Using HttpClient

he best and most straightforward way to consume RestAPI is by using the HttpClient class.

In order to Consume

Dealing With Camel Casing In ASP.NET Core Web API
Asp.Net Core Web Api文件上传(图片上传)集成MongoDB存储实例教程


Asp .Net Core Web Api实战系列(1)-RESTFUL API可选的安全认证方式和防止恶意攻击汇总


[原创]Asp .Net Core Web Api+MongoDB实战项目系列目录
Asp .Net Core Web Api+MongoDB实战系列 目录
All about ASP.NET Core Web Restful API

Handling errors in an ASP.NET Core Web API http://www.iaspnetcore.com/Blog/BlogPost/59663c26c743fc4f741e33aa/handling

Web API Client:RestSharp client -A Simple .NET REST Web API Client

In C# we can consume RestAPI using the following ways,

HttpWebRequest or Http
ASP.NET Core 1.x Web API 开发-RESTful API实现