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ASP.NET Core WebApi认证授权方式Jwt自定义实现
在普通的MVC项目中 我们普遍的使用Cookie来作为认证授权方式,使用简单。登录成功后将用户信息写入Cookie;但当我们做WebApi的时候显然Cookie这种方式就有点不适用了。 在.NET Core 中 WebAp
exception Handling Middleware in ASP.NET Core Web API

After many experiments with different exception handling approaches I ended up using middleware. It worked the best f

Using MongoDB .NET Driver with .NET Core WebAPI


How to build

HttpClient:c#客户端文件上传,linux部署.net core api并且实现上传图片

引言: 在Http请求中,我们每天都在使用Content-type来指定不同格式的请求信息,但是却很少有人去全面了解content-ty

Secure a Web Api in ASP.NET Core using JWT

User DB - either Identity or custom store
Authorize your web api controller
Use JWT for generating JSON web

Web API Client:-WebApiTestClient,WebApi 接口测试工具



Web API Client: -HttpClient, Consume ASP.NET Core Web API Using HttpClient

he best and most straightforward way to consume RestAPI is by using the HttpClient class.

In order to Consume

ASP.Net Core Web API:how to Return file

  If this is asp.net-core then you are mixing web api versions. have the action return a derived IActionRes

Web API Client:RestSharp -A Simple .NET REST Web API Client

In C# we can consume RestAPI using the following ways,

HttpWebRequest or Http