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ASP.NET Core Tag Helper(1)- get the Display Name Attribute and Description Attribute of an Enum

Recently one of my colleague asked me question, he want to create a enum with string values. But C# doesn’t sup

Creating an ASP.NET Core TagHelper(4):Cache Tag Helper
http://www.davepaquette.com/archive/2015/06/03/mvc-6-cache-tag-helper.aspx n this post in my series exploring the ASP.N
Creating an ASP.NET Core TagHelper(5): Distributed Cache Tag Helper
http://www.davepaquette.com/archive/2016/05/22/ASP-NET-Core-Distributed-Cache-Tag-Helper.aspx The anxiously awaited ASP
Creating an ASP.NET Core TagHelper(3): Common Tag Helpers
FormTagHelper.zip Easily Add PDF Word & Excel Function to Your .NET Apps   IntroductionIn my previous a
Creating an ASP.NET Core TagHelper(2):pager tag helper
Tag helpers are classes that can be applied to HTML and special tags in ASP.NET Core views. They are addition to HTML he
Creating an ASP.NET Core TagHelper(1):Markdown TagHelper
Creating a Markdown TagHelper Before we dive in let's briefly discuss what TagHelpers are for those of you new to ASP.N