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ASP.NET Core Custom User login
In some reason, you might want to avoid using standard Identity package to work with users, roles, permissions etc. I ha
Encode HTML, JavaScript, And URL Query Strings In ASP.NET Core
  When a web page accepts an input from the end user it can also include malicious data consisting of special char
Send Mail Using SendGrid In .NET Core
This post is about sending emails using Send Grid API in .NET Core. SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP provider that allows
SPA template based on the Vue Webpack in ASP.NET core 2.0
So the last week I have been delving into Vue.js. This wasn’t exactly intentional - with .NET core 2.0 being relea
.Net Core 定时任务TimeJob
定时任务使用的是 Pomelo.AspNetCore.TimedJob Pomelo.AspNetCore.TimedJob是一个.NET Core实现的定时任务job库,支持毫秒级定时任务、从数据库读取定时配置、同步异步定时任
.NET Core开源组件:后台任务利器之Hangfire
.NET Core开源组件:后台任务利器之Hangfire   一.简述 Hangfire作为一款高人气且容易上手的分布式后台执行服务,支持多种数据库。在.net core的环境中,由Core自带的DI管理着生命周期,免去了
ASP.NET Core 2.0 使用支付宝PC网站支付
更新日志 2017-11-3 新增ASP.NET Core 中间件 2017-10-30 修复在Linux上无法使用的BUG 前言 最近在使用ASP.NET Core来进行开发,刚好有个接入支付宝支付的需求,百度了一下没找到相关的资
Support Multiple Versions Of ASP.NET Core Web API
Now a days REST APIs are quite commonly used in web applications. At times you may need to provide multiple versions of
Creating an ASP.NET Core TagHelper(3): Common Tag Helpers
FormTagHelper.zip Easily Add PDF Word & Excel Function to Your .NET Apps   IntroductionIn my previous a
ASP.NET Core MVC Background Task-Using FluentScheduler
I currently have a simple website setup with ASP.NET Core MVC (.NET 4.6.1), and I would like to periodically do some pro