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NopCommerce 3.x (6)-Register new routes in NopCommerce

ASP.NET Core routing is responsible for mapping incoming browser requests to particular MVC controller actions. 

Ubuntu access publish/wwwroot' is denied



/Blog/edit/Access to the path '/Nop.Web/bin/release/netcoreapp3.0/publish/wwwroot/uploa

NopCommerce 4.x - @T
why is @T used in NopCommerce and what are its benefits / usage? It is used for localization. You can find same pattern
NopCommerce 4.x - Microdata
  step 1. Enable Microdata in Admin src/Libraries/Nop.Core/Domain/Seo/SeoSettings.cs using System.Collections.Ge
NopCommerce [email protected]
@Html.NopCssFiles(ResourceLocation.Footer) @Html.NopScripts(ResourceLocation.Footer) @Html.NopInlineScripts(Re
How to extend Html tag in NopCommerce 4.x(self)

create HtmlExtensions.cs 


add class Express

NopCommerce 4.x (6)-ASP.NET Core Dependency injection in NopCommerce
IApplicationBuilder public static void UsePageNotFound(this IApplicationBuilder application) { va
NopCommerce 4.x - Ajax
AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML(异步的 JavaScript 和 XML)。而ajax属于集中技术的集合.一般为xmlhttprequest + javascript + xml三种技术的集合。
How to Override generic path route in NopCommerce 3.x
How to Override generic path route in NopCommerce 3.x
NopCommerce 4.x - Footer ViewComponent
NopCommerce 4.x - Footer Components