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https://buildclassifieds.com/2016/01/22/elasticsearch-and-servicestack/ https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2271600/elasticsearch-sphinx-lucene-solr-xapian-which-fits-for-which-usage


ElasticSearch, Sphinx, Lucene, Solr, Xapian,Whoosh,Senseidb, Nutch ,Solr Clound


NHibernate Search(c#): https://github.com/nhibernate/NHibernate-Search


Sphinx vs Solr comparison: 

stackoverflow.com/questions/1284083/… – Mauricio Scheffer Feb 19 '10 at 23:57   Lucene vs Solr: 

stackoverflow.com/questions/1400892/… – Mauricio Scheffer Feb 19 '10 at 23:57   Whoosh v. Solr: 

stackoverflow.com/questions/3226596/… – Williams Mar 5 '13 at 14:11  


三、Some example usages:

Sphinx: craigslist.org

Solr: Cnet,

Netflix, digg.com

Elasticsearch: Foursquare, Github  

Options for Full Text Search Before I dig into the steps required for ElasticSearch, I will mention some other options for implementing full-text in your solution:

Sphinx  – used by craigslist Solr – used by CNet, Netflix, digg.com

ElasticSearch – used by Foursquare, Github(source: StackOverflow, thanks Tommy for highlighting use cases) given that I use PostgreSQL, I could also just use FTS in PostgreSQL 

In the .NET. world, the above solutions have got .NET connectors. For SpinxConnector.NET  – very good! Unfortunately it costs EUR199 for a single dev license. If it were free, I probably would have used this one. SolrNET – is an active GitHub project with quite a few contributors.

If you are looking to implement Solr in .NET, this is probably the way to go. NEST  for ElasticSearch – this is the official high level ElasticSearch client for .NET. I chose to go with this option & there are some code examples below on how I implemented it. .