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Vultr VPS:How to Install Windows Server 2016 ISO on Vultr Step by Step


This is a quick and easy guide on uploading and installing a Windows 10 Pro iso with Vultr cheaply.


new Vultr accounts 

Windows Server 2016 ISO  must include VirtIO Drivers.


Download Windows ISO from Microsoft.com
Building the Custom Windows ISO (Server versions only) with VirtIO Drivers
Upload Custom Windows ISO to website(Upload the custom ISO to a publicly-accessible location).
(Or past third part  iso with VirtIO Drivers link url  directly)

Deploy a New Instance on vultr,Server Type choice from an Uploaded ISO
open the Vultr Web Console to Install start 

Network configuration


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Spin a Vultr instance and do the following.

Part 1.You need Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO with Virtio Drivers

Fisrst,You must have a Windows ISO with built-in VirtIO drivers ready for use.

step 1:Download ISO from Microsoft.com


step 2:Add  VirtIO drivers for Windows to an ISO file

1.Get the latest binary VirtIO drivers for Windows, packaged as an ISO file, from https://fedorapeople.org/groups/virt/virtio-win/direct-downloads/stable-virtio/virtio-win.iso

2.Make a folder: c:\custom.

3.Extract your Windows Server ISO to: c:\custom\winserver with a compression tool such as 7zip http://www.7-zip.org/.

4.Extract the VirtIO ISO to c:\custom\winserver\virtio.

5.Use an ISO mastering tool to create your custom slipstream ISO. In general, the following mastering options are needed:

Filesystem: UDF, Include Hidden Files, Include System Files
Make image bootable.
Emulation Type: none
Boot Image: C:\custom\winserver\boot\etfsboot.com
Platform ID: 80x86
Developer ID: Microsoft Corporation
Sectors to load: 8


How to install VirtIO drivers for Windows Server 2012


step 3:Upload your own custom Windows ISO 

ISOs can be used to install a custom OS, or boot your own recovery system.

You can upload your own custom ISOs 


I need Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO with Virtio Drivers, if anyone have it or know about any source then please let me know.

use this link here

Windows Server 2012 R2x64:


Part 2: Deploy a New Instance on Vultr 

To create your Ubuntu server, go to the "Products" section and then to the "Deploy New Instance" (link) Page.

There are a ton of options on this page.

Choose Server      - Choose the "Cloud Compute" option.
Server Location    - Choose the "Tokyo" option.
Server Type          - Choose the "Uploaded ISO" option.
Server Size           - Choose the "5$/month" option.

Part 3: Install Windows OS

step 1: add an ISO file link url  to vultr 

Windows Server 2012 R2x64:  (with driver)

step 2:Deploy a New Instance on vultr,Server Type choice from an Uploaded ISO

step 3:  Install start

open the Vultr Web Console.

step 4:Choose the last option Windows Server 2012 r2 Datacenter evaluation (Server with a GUI)


Select "Red Hat VirtIO SCSI" driver.


Part 3:Network configuration

Go to control panel and click “Hardware” then click device manager.

Find the other devices section where your Ethernet controller and PCI device has an error symbol

Right click Ethernet controller and click “update driver software…”




useful links:




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