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a list of CMS based on MongoDB


CMS based on MongoDB Currently MongoDB is becoming very popular and more CMS based on this are developed in a fast pace replacing traditional content management system.

Some of the most used CMS based on MongoDB are :

CalipsoCalipso is a fast flexible and simple NodeJS content management system that is similar to Drupal and Wordpress.

KeystoneJSKeystoneJS is another Node.js content management system and a platform for built on top of Express.JS and MongoDB. It is built to support applications based on APIS and database-driven websites.

LocomotiveLocomotiveCMS is a simple but powerful CMS based on liquid templates and mongodb database.

MongoPressMongoPress is built on top of PHP and MongoDB which is an instantly scalable, incredibly flexible CMS to deliver a powerful object-oriented environment inspired by wordpress.

RubedoRubedo is an open source content management system based on Zend Framework and MongoDB which has advanced features like ergonmic virtual desktop, content management, digital asset management, responsive web design, cross-platform, theme customizer and geolocation..